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Welcome to your most trusted Chennai escort agency

Welcome to your most trusted Chennai escort agency named Chennai Escort Girl. We are a 360-degree escort agency in Chennai, dedicated to offering you satisfactory services on love and amour. We cater to our clients to receive perfervid enjoyment and seek solace from erotic pleasure. Our vivacious Chennai call girls take personalize care for each client and do their level best to soothe the dejected and depressed minds of their men through various sensual and sexual pleasures.

Do not browse through the adult contents if you are under 18

However, our precondition is that you must be above 18. If you are below 18, you should leave this web page in no time because the Indian constitution does not allow you to browse through the adult websites and indulge in erotic activities. In spite of being under 18, if you browse through the adultweb pages interlinked to this website and try to indulge in these activities, you will be responsible for the consequences that the Indian Penal Code (IPC) has to reward you.

Enjoy the companionship Chennai escort girls if you are 18 or above

If you are above 18, you are at the right destination to enjoy the companionship of beautiful Chennai escort girls committed to giving you physical and mental satisfaction. We have a plethora of Chennai escorts girls to choose from. You will have here paragon of beauties, blonde babes, huge boobies, big-tilted babes, fox women, black beauties, fair complexioned women, and many like these. You can open your libido and satisfy your dark fancies and other libidinal desires while enjoying with them. You are sure to experience something unique and extraordinary that is far ahead of common ebullience of life and ordinary rustic mirth.

Chennai Escort Girl: A leading Chennai escort agency of its type

Keeping pace with the cosmopolitan culture across the globe and involving western culture in India, a group of Independent call girls put their head together. Chennai Escort Girl, a reputable escort agency in Chennai, emerged as the brainchild of them. Since the time of inception to date, our dedicated escort girls in Chennai serving their men, blending sensualities with sexualities. Our quest has been to ensure optimum mental and physical satisfaction by applying various psychological methods and including miscellaneous classical and modern sex positions recommend by Vatsyayana(in his perceptive book Kama Sutra) and other modern sexologists respectively. We have been a trendsetter in Chennai escort service.

We ding our level best to raise the bar of excellence in the Chennai escort industry by offering something unique, unparalleled, extraordinary and out of the box. The credit of bringing escort services in Chennai as upgrading tendencies and part of lifestyle (for many working professionals) goes to our leading escort agency, Chennai Escort Girl.

Types of Chennai escorts working under our reputable escort agency

There are many Chennai call girls working under the umbrella of Chennai Escort Girl. From regular call girls to Chennai model escorts till high-profile Chennai escort girls working closely with us and offering mental satisfaction and a limited erotic pleasure to all or a few selective men.

Given below is a brief introduction to different types of call girls and escorts women working under our escort agency in Chennai.

Regular Chennai call girls

They offer escort services and companionship solutions through us. As per the needs and demands of the clients, they are ready to offer both incall and outcall services. They are flexible, obedient and comfortable with any kind of common, custom, creative and innovative sexual encounter. A vast majority of these girls are aged between 20 and 40. These female escorts are easily available and accessible by almost all types of men.

Independent escorts in Chennai

Most of these girls work independently and get contact through us when a man send us an enquiry about independent escort girls in Chennai or select a girl from our picture gallery. They are the gorgeous babes available to clients on demands. Most of these girls are blessed with lustrous eyes, dark black or grey hair, rosy cheeks, and cozy lips, ripening breasts (swelling boobs), attractive bust lines, fair complexions and curvaceous athletic figures. Their voluptuous looks, vivacious approaches, and beautiful smiles are well enough to win your heart at your first glances on them. Their creative lovemaking skills, high seduction power, innovative foreplay and topnotch quality erotic pampering art will cast a magical spell on you and create a sensation in you to involve in a rough and wild amours game. A complete session with them will help you shun your dejection, tension, depression, boredom, and loneliness. Some of them are not very open to both incall and outcall services. A few of them adhere to limited access and selective in choosing their men.

Working women as Chennai call girls

There are many professional women working in corporate sectors, IT companies, financial departments and other giant compiles offer Chennai escort service as their part-time job for leisure spending and gratifying sexual hunger and other libidinal desires. Dating with them always ensures you a pleasurable experience as their involvement in the erotic games becomes very natural and spontaneous. As they enjoy the game with their hearts’ content and reciprocate your every action and inaction mode properly, you get an opportunity of limitless enjoyment and boundless erotic pleasure. They stay very active and responsive throughout the game and take the drivers’ roles to add more pleasure in your love life and erotic experience. They will keep doing sensual and sexual activities accordingly, until get excited, reach your climax and release you through an extraordinary swoon. You will feel very happy, relaxed, rejuvenated, and satisfied.

Why they are very special and the right fit for an erotic pleasure seeker

Responding to your call (outcall service), they will reach your private chamber or Chennai hotel room with no matter you are a working professional, reputable business, established industrialist, mere traveler or modern man of supreme sexuality and promising promiscuity. Actually, they do it from the core of their hearts. They love meeting new young handsome and cannot dissociate them from doing this when an opportunity comes to them. They don’t want to let the opportunity of meeting new handsome slip from their hands. Accepting each opportunity, they meet you at your doorstep. Cladding well in transparent dress code, stylish shoes and modern cosmetics, they will stalk in your private chamber to embrace you in their wild arrays. After a pleasant guise, they will shed their transparent dress from their shoulders and hug you tightly against their ripening breasts to kiss you sweetly and ask you softly, “Sweetheart, how do feelnow?”

Immediately after it, the second phase of the real game (carnal love) starts. They will make you hot and wild with their creative lovemaking and innovative erotic pampering skill. Forgetting weariness, depression, dejection, and the fret, you will gradually get lost in the erotic game and reach a different pleasure world made with dreams and dramas. Their dancing rocks, deep romantic chasms and tolerant enchanted slopes will occupy every nook and corner of your mind and body.

Chennai model escorts

They are known worldwide for their curvy figures and in most of the cases a physical measurement of 36-24-36. They are tall, upright and stylish. They stand as an emblem of natural beauty and voluptuous look. A vast majority of them are blessed with appealing female body shape. They are very figure conscious and selective in choosing their men. Having very good flexible and athletic bodies, they can offer you sensual pleasures in various sex positions, poses and postures. They are high on demand. To enjoy with them, you need to go for an advance booking much before your desired day. Our support team needs to check the availability of your selected woman or women on your desired date. As they work with various advertising agencies and partake in different programs as models, we need to check their availability.

Porn star Chennai escorts

Porn star Chennai escorts are highly popular. As they have become protagonists and taken active roles in various national and international adult films and pornographies, they are familiar faces. Getting them on your bed for spending quality times with them and taking part in many wild sessions gives you a lifetime experience. It will become a milestone in your love life. Book them through us and take the opportunity of getting an unusual touch in your array.

High profile Chennai escorts

As the name suggests, high profile Chennai escorts have a very strong back gourd and reputation for extraordinary qualities that have helped them stand out from the crowd. They are smart, highly qualified, well educated, well mannered, intelligent, and accustomed to elite manners and modern corporate culture. Apart from giving you quality companionship, they can play an active and effective role in your business affairs and professional dealings. To be more precise, if you are in need of a smart and efficient secretary or personal assistant in this city, they can meet your purpose exactly with no matter you require an accompaniment for attending an important corporate meeting, delivering lectures in a new product launching session or singeing a vital business agreement. You can be sure that they will keep your prestige up and help you in their best possible ways to make each purpose successful.

Chennai escort services offered through us ensure safety, security and long sex life

As a reputable VIP escort agency in Chennai our quest has been to ensure the safety, security and long sex life for each of our clients coming to us for relieving mental stress and experiencing limitless erotic pleasure. These three things received our paramount interest. In addition to these, we give stress on offering personalized care and special treatment, according to the mental condition and present physical state of an individual.

To ensure safety, security and long sex life, we follow a number of rules and decorum. This has helped us received a significant number of satisfied clientele from Chennai and abroad.


For safety, we send our Chennai escort girls to the recognized and MCI-registered medical practitioners who issue fitness certificates after a thorough checkup. This keeps you safe from infectious and genital diseases. They are compelled to show you fitness certificates when you want to check these. Moreover, each of our call girls in Chennai carries a license for offering amorous love and erotic pleasure. You can check it before getting involved in an intercourse to avoid the lawsuits of sexual abuse and violence.

We have included many modern media and related channels to connect our clients and get in touch with them virtually. Moreover, to keep the matter of accessing Chennai escort service concealed from your friends, family members and other familiar circles, our girls stay connected with you via various social next working sites, video conferencing channels and other online chatting sites and software.


The matter of security has always become a major concern to us. We never share your real name, personal details and other confidential matters with our girls, any private agency and government organization under any circumstance. This helps you avoid any unfavorable situation and sex scandal in future. We keep these as top secret to keep your high social status and dignified positions unharmed at your workplace.

We have upgraded our Chennai escort services, bringing variations and including specialized treatments and personalized care for all of our clients.

Personalized care

Our service is enriched with personalized care that enamors our girls to take a keen attention to each need coming from our clients. They take a close look at every detail and offer solution accordingly. They have a very good psychoanalytical power. They can read the face of each client and offer mental and physical satisfaction according to their needs.

Specialized services and treatments

Our Chennai escort services are flexible enough to meet each common and customized need. They are capable of offering any bespoke service, sensual love and sexual pleasure, using various enhancing tools, sex toys, machines, pills and modern erotic oils.

Approach us without any hesitation with your customized sensual needs. Our beautiful babes will solidify it with love, romance and amorous pleasure. You will sure to feel a fine line lying between love and romance. You can perceive a conversion from Eros to Agape.

Get started with us. We are only a phone call or a few mouse clicks away from you to build a long-term relationship. We ensure value-added benefits and unforgettable sensual experience in your love life.